Hiya, I'm Becca and welcome to BF&L. I suppose you're expecting a witty, interesting, funny bio of my life, but it's fair to say that this is unlikely to be any of those, so I apologise in advance.

So yeah, back to me. I'm eighteen and I currently live on the south coast of England in a small town. September 2016 will hopefully see me attend university and study a BSc in Psychology.

I would definitely say my biggest hobby is eating. Allllll my friends and I seem to do is go out for dinner, we're such foodies. Can I just say sausages and sweet potato mash is 100% my go-to meal. I also enjoy longboarding but it's fair to say it doesn't always end well, if a broken longboard and a smashed phone is anything to go by... 

I'm the only girl in our friendship group, so BF&L is an ideal way to talk about beauty and fashion, without just getting a 'this means nothing to me' nod in response. I mean, my friends are the best, but mention the Naked palettes and they're flummoxed.