Thursday, 11 August 2016

Driving Lessons: Tips, Tricks and Advice

I absolutely hated my driving lessons. I dreaded each and every one I had, as I just wasn't that keen on the whole thing and let's be honest here, I wasn't that great either. Mix that in with two of my best friends being soooo into cars, driving and everything in between - it was a pretty potent mix. I mean, while learning myself, I also heard how brilliantly they were getting on and how much they were loving it. That and car care tips... (Toothbrushes to clean the badges anyone? Furniture polish on the seat-belts?) This is what being friends with boys is really like, it's not as wild as people make out.

But, having passed my test (second time lucky!) I thought I'd post a few tips and tricks when it comes to driving lessons, and also just some reassurance that if I can do it anyone can. I wouldn't say I'm an appalling driver now, but my first few lessons certainly were abysmal and I definitely wouldn't have been my own passenger. So, the first point I want to make is; you're not the worst driver in the whole world ever, like I thought I was. Your instructor has probably seen it all, so a stall or few thousand is nothing to be ashamed of, plus things can only get better, right?

If you can, I'd definitely suggest having lessons during spring/summer as for me, with it being both pitch black and chucking it down with rain during winter, it didn't particularly help my mood. The lessons that I did have while it was light outside were considerably more enjoyable, as for one I could see more than 3m in front of me. 

When it comes to instructors, if you're not happy, move!! One of my friends had a really nasty instructor who shouted at him when he didn't do things right, and was known to slap the dashboard in front of him, which, let's be real here, definitely wasn't necessary. Not all instructors are like this!! If you've had a couple of lessons but aren't getting on with them, be polite, tell them you're not going to continue with them and find someone else. You haven't (or shouldn't have?!) signed a legally binding contract or anything, so you're more than entitled to find someone you get on better with.

My biggest piece of advice however, is to get on with your theory asap. Start reading and going over it once you've started your lessons and then just book it. As long as you've done some practice tests and had a go at the hazard perception, it's really nothing to worry about. The relief once you pass though is surreal, and for me, it really spurred me on to hurry up and take the practical test. It gave me a real surge in both motivation and confidence, I felt like I did know what I was doing and I wasn't so hopeless after all!

Have you passed your test?


  1. I know how you feel,I've got my practical in a week and i feel like it's going to be dreadful x

  2. Thank you fot this tips!

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  4. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

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  6. I'm finally re learning in March this year and I can't wait to finally get it over and done with :) Praying I take to it well and It's not too long a process!

    Congrats :)

    Katie |

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