Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Country Bumpkin's Guide to London

If you've read my last post you'll know that Friday saw me venture to London. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't live in a field in the middle of nowhere, but my town isn't necessarily known for it's social buzz. I mean, we don't even have a Boots or Superdrug... (Is it me or does everywhere have one or the other, or both?) Anyway, I thought for today's post I'd compile a little guide to the big city

I wasn't quite sure how to phrase this one in a more dignified way, but it is what it says on the tin. Blowing your nose after a day of tube travel always results in a tissue full of black sludge. Sexy.

I don't know what it is, but every shop on Oxford Street always has reallllly loud music? It's almost like a daytime club, if you will, with its pounding bass. (Obviously minus the drinks, lights, pyro and dodgy drunk dancing)

The amount of time I've stood on a kerb waiting for the road to clear, ready to cross, is crazy. London doesn't slow down, it's always busy, so if you see someone crossing, join them. I know that's certainly not the wisest of advice, but it's sometimes necessary.

If you're going to be using the tube multiple times in a day I'd definitely recommend getting one. They're £5, and then you can just top it up with however much you'd like. It works out waaaay cheaper and it's just a lot easier than fiddling around putting a travel card in the gates. (This isn't sponsored, it's just that I've only just got round to getting one myself, and think it's a great idea)

Do not show the slightest sign of weakness, this is especially true when waiting in a tube station. Focus at all times, and prepare to push. If not, prepare to wait for the next 3 trains, and you might just get on. 

Yep, we've all heard the phrase, but it's not quite true anymore. The charge for toilets, with inflation, is now basically a pound, so always have plenty of spare change, and not just of the copper variety. 

Can you relate to any of these?

Monday, 27 June 2016

My Trip To The Capital

On Friday, I felt like a proper adult. I travelled to London on my own, and spent the day wandering around the capital on my own. I know for some people that'll be nothing, but I live in a really quite small town, and my sense of direction quite frankly, is appalling. None of my friends were free to go with me yesterday, but they kept texting throughout the day to check I was alright, and hadn't managed to lose myself in the middle of London. Luckily I didn't and I had a fab day.

After the two hour journey to Victoria, I hopped on the Victoria Line and headed to Sloane Square. Here I had a quick wander round before heading to Brandy Melville. I love that shop. However, I was slightly disappointed by what's in store currently, and only came away with one top. The next stop was Pret for lunch, I wanted something quick before heading to The Blogers Hangout Event. I had the macaroni cheese with kale and cauliflower, and wow, it was really quite delicious. On the way to the station I nipped into Zara very quickly and almost 95% of the store was on sale, amazing.

Now it was time to head to the Strand Gallery for the aforementioned event. But just before, I popped into a tiny Oliver Bonas store in the station, to see what all the hype is about. Am I a proper blogger yet? Anyway, I arrived at the event and had a great time. I met some great brands and was introduced to some really interesting products and concepts. Whilst there, the lovely girls from United Beauty painted my nails in this gorgeous muted grey colour, and finished them off with a gel topcoat. And oh my, I was/am still impressed. Their gel kit essentially turns any polish into a gel polish, it's insane, but you can remove it at home like you would any other polish, there's no soaking off required. Amazing.

Sass and Belle were also at the event, and I've totally fallen in love with their cactus and tropical summer collections. I stupidly didn't take a photo of their stand, but trust me, it was cute, Having looked at their website, I'm pleasantly surprised by how well priced everything is, so that's a big thumbs up from me. I hadn't heard of Pink Parcel before the event, and it's basically a period subscription box. It's £10 a month, and as well as the necessities, you also receive a mini treat box also. This includes; chocolate, tea, makeup, nail polish as well as some skin care. (Don't quote me on that, but the ones at the event did!) The Perfume Shop had a stand, and I've genuinely fallen in love with so many new scents, especially tropical ones. Other brands at the event included KB Hair Extensions, T-tox and Nature's Wish

Once I'd finished at the Strand, I headed to Oxford Circus to do a bit more shopping. That Topshop is hugeeee and possibly the easiest shop to get lost in.I walked past the same rail of jeans about 6 times before finding the way out. (See, I said my sense of direction sucks.) Anyway, I picked up a few more bits before heading to Victoria, ready to head home. Overall I had a really great day, exhausting, but great. If you'd like, you can read about my last trip to London here.


Thursday, 23 June 2016


Wow, what a demanding two years sixth form has been. I know people alwaaaays say that the jump between GCSE and A Level / AS and A2 is tremendous, but I want to take a second here to reiterate that. A2 has been especially demanding, so if you're thinking of applying for Sixth Form in September, get ready to work your butt off! 
That being said, the last two years have been soooo much fun and I've met some of the greatest people ever. And the fact that we're all going to totally different parts of the country in September (hopefully, assuming we didn't all U it) actually really sucks. 

While on the topic of exams I thought I'd give you a quick insight into what study leave has really been like for me;
- pyjamas all day everyday
- 2836249 colour coded cue cards
- an obscene number of cups of tea
- snacking, a little more snacking, and yet more snacking
- the furthest I've moved is probably 5m
- and more past papers than you can shake a stick at. 

Anyway, I'm so glad it's all over now, and I am so ready for the summer holidays ahead. Graduation is next week, then after that the last time I'll ever have to go into school will be to pick up my results... eek

I have quite a few cool things planned for the summer, and it all kicks off tomorrow with a trip to London on my lonesome. None of my friends have finished their exams yet, so I'm braving it alone. On the plus side, I'll be able to do whatever I please and won't have to drag anyone else around the same shop 25837 times. I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures and have lots to report back, so a post about my adventures is very likely to appear on BF&L very soon. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hi all! I'm alive, justttt. It's A Level season here in the UK, and it's fair to say things are rather hectic. In case you're new around here, I'm currently completing A2's in Biology, Ethics and Philosophy, and Psychology. So far I've completed two out of my seven exams, and I've never been more excited for a fortnight to pass. My last exam is the 23rd June, and I am literally counting down the seconds until then. Freedommmm. In September I'm hoping to study Psychology at university, and so I've got my fingers crossed that these exams don't go too horrendously.
Once I've broken up for summer I'm planning on jumping right back on BF&L, and starting posting regularly again! Also, I'd just like to add that I am currently 100% obsessed with Love Island. I've watched 9 episodes in the last 48 hours, and I think I'm finally all caught up. Which is your favourite couple? Also, can you tell I've been procrastinating?
Anywayyyyy, I better get back to looking like I'm revising, but I'll be back soon!
What have you been up to recently?

Monday, 18 January 2016

DIY Wire Memo Board

While online recently I've seen quite a few of these black wire memo boards, and I completely fell in love. What I didn't fall in love with, however, was the price. Urban Outfitters are currently selling one here for £60(!!?!) I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have a spare £60 for what is essentially a sheet of wire, no matter how cool and Tumblr it looks. 

So, I took to doing it myself. Before I continue I should probably point out the fact that this probably doesn't even count as a DIY as all I did was hang the panel on the wall, but nonetheless, here goes. I found this panel on the Homebase for a very mere £8.49 and was more than ready to paint it/cut it to a better size. However, when it arrived it was ideal. On the website this is described as green, but it doesn't look very green to me? I'd initially planned on painting it black anyway, as I wanted it to match the general theme of my room. I've reorganised my room quite a lot recently and I haven't done an updated post, however here's the most recent if you were by any chance interested. 

The 'Beyoutiful' hanging canvas I picked up in Primark a couple of weeks ago for a whopping £2 - amazing!! I'm not overly fussed about the slogan, I just really like the way it looks. As for the rest of the board; the four postcards were from Paperchase, and I had some photos printed online as I wanted to add a more personal touch. The S hooks (that I realise have nothing on yet) were from Tiger, and I just really like the way they look. Am I a saddo, probably. Do I care, not in the slightest.


Friday, 15 January 2016

New Year, Same Becca

As much as I try to set resolutions and stick to them, they never seem to last long. I mean I have the best intentions but come on, who can turn down a Dominos pizza? I do however have quite a few things I would like to try and stick to this year, so I thought I'd write them here, to commit to them more if you will. 

I'd like to get back into blogging. I still have such an interest in the whole shabang, and when I have time, I'd love to post. I don't want to set myself a schedule though, as I don't want to force myself to write for the sake of it. That being said, if I can manage a few posts a week that'd be great.

A couple of clich├ęs; drink more water and exercise more often. I know everyone says these every year, but this year I'm actually going to try. As I said in my last post, I really enjoy going to the gym. I may not be very good (yet) but there's something strangely fun about going.

Being more adventurous is another thing on my list, predominately with food. My friends often laugh at me as I'm so predictable. Every time we go to an Italian I have a Margherita and every burger I eat is always plain; just the bun and the patty. With university approaching I really feel I ought to branch out a bit. There's only so many Dominos I can buy in a row with my student loan, before getting bored.

Spend more time with my friends and family. As I mentioned above, I'll (hopefully) be going to university in September, thus meaning I won't see quite as much of my friends and family. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, but I think it would be nice to do more with them,


Monday, 11 January 2016

Things That Haven't Happened

I didn't want to write yet another 'guess who's back' post or write a list of all the things I've done, as I feel I may have written one too many of those already. Instead, I thought I'd write something slightly different; the things that haven't happened since I last updated you. Partly because I'm sure you don't want to hear me waffle on about the obvious things such as Christmas, which can I just say, feels like 378652391 days ago?! 

I haven't cut my hair short. This is an idea I've been toying with for the last 5 months or so, and I still haven't decided if it's a good idea or not. I mean, I love my long frizzy curly hair, however the ease of short hair is luring me in. But, the fear of looking like a mop is definitely plaguing the idea.

I haven't passed my driving test. In fact, I took one and failed it. I don't want to go on about it too much, but I'm still not sure it was totally fair. Nonetheless, it happened, and I've another one booked in. 

I haven't got fit. I mean, I did go through a phase of going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, then Christmas came and I haven't been back since. I did actually really enjoy going, and after a few weeks I found that anything faster than a fast walk was far more bearable. Note to self: renew gym membership.

I haven't finished the university application process. I've sent my UCAS form off, and received a couple of offers, but I'm yet to receive all five and confirm my firm. In case you were wondering, I've applied for five BSc Psychology courses. I've found the A level to be really interesting, and the psychological documentaries on Netflix are the one.

I haven't used my DSLR as much as I should. Other than Christmas day, I think it would be fair to say that I haven't used my camera for a good six months, crazy. That's part of the reason I'm back here on Becca's Fashion and Life, I really want to get back into the habit of taking photos of everything and anything.


Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Love

I love this phone case. It's perfect. I love the colours, photos, finish, size, everything. The top photo is from Tumblr (as visiting NYC is at the top of my goals of things to do) but the other three are my own. I took the palm tree one this summer while in Florida, the top left one with my boyfriend at the beach in July, and the bottom one was at my friend Sam's 18th party a couple of weeks ago.

When Caseapp offered me the chance to design and try out my own phone case I was rather sceptical. I've seen a fair few dodgy personalised cases in my time, and I was worried that what would arrive would be blurry and cheap looking, but it wasn't. I'm over the moon with it. I'd just like to add that even my biology teacher has commented on how lovely it is.

The hardest part of the process was getting the photos to fit within the allotted frames, I spent ages putting my collage together, and during this time tried a whole multitude of different photos. With standard delivery, this beauty only took 6 days to arrive. Amazing. (You can also pay for faster delivery if you wish)

At £19, this case is a bit of a luxury compared to a £1.99 eBay special, but I genuinely think it is worth investing in, and if anything happens to this one, I'll definitely be ordering a replacement!

(P.S. If you'd like to order your own, the code 'BECCACASE' will get you 20% off!)


Monday, 28 September 2015

Hello Stranger

Wow, it's been a while, sorry. Soooo many things have happened since I last updated here, and to be honest I don't know where to start? I guess the main thing is that I've finished my AS levels, and am currently doing A2. My biggest relief is that I no longer have to do Maths Mechanics, I'm so grateful that you (typically) only have to continue with three. My overall results were AABD, no prizes for guessing which one was maths. Also, my biggest achievement to date is definitely getting 98/100 in Ethics at AS?! How did I manage that? Craaaaazy.

Sticking to the topic of education, I've attended quite a few university open days and have even stayed over night at a couple. My current goal is to do a BSc in Psychology, and I think I've finalised my top five. I'm not going to say too much now, as there's soooo much I could say, and I don't want to bombard you with too much rambling, but yeah, I think I've decided.

This summer my family and I went to Orlando, and I had the best time ever. It's fair to say it was rather hot, I ate a tonne of burgers and took about 7931871687 photos of Disney. Surprisingly, I didn't do too much shopping this year? I did buy a bag from Nine West, which I'm still so in love with, and is probably my favourite purchase in a while. I was so close to delving into the car savings to buy a Michael Kors watch, but decided that the prospect of never having to get the school bus ever again was far more tempting than a watch could ever be. 

Speaking of which, I passed my theory test, hooray! It's fair to say that driving isn't a natural talent of mine, but I'm very pleased that I passed first time. My practical test is booked and I have my fingers crossed all goes well, to be honest I can't wait to just get it all over and done with. 

I recently finished watching Gossip Girl, and I'm so sad. I definitely need a healthy dose of Chuck Bass in my daily life. If you haven't watched it, do. It takes an episode or two to get into it, but after that, there are another 120 episodes for your viewing pleasure. It's such good 'background noise', eg when getting dressed or doing your makeup. 

Back in July my family and I saw Ed Sheeran perform at Wembley. It was incredible. That man is a musical genius, and I'd love to see him live again. Next week I'm going to see James Bay, and I can't wait. Chaos and the Calm is such a good album, and I have a feeling it will be even better live.

What have you been up to recently?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The 2015 Disneyworld Bucket List

In a few weeks' time my family and I will be jetting off on holiday to Florida, and now that school is finished for the year, it's fair to say that the holiday excitement has kicked in. We're going for just over two weeks, and of that time I think we'll be spending a fair chunk of it at Disney. Please don't hate me for saying this, but I definitely think I'm more of a Universal/Islands of Adventure kinda girl... I mean, The Hulk, Rip Ride Rockit and Harry Potter, what more could you want? Nonetheless, here's 10 things I want to make sure I do this year.

1. Have a photo with Mickey, obviously. I don't think this one needs explaining, it's a must.
2. Ride Summit Plummet, again. It's the third-tallest and fastest free fall slide in the world, and I love very second of it.
3. Try Jungle Juice. This is exclusive to Animal Kingdom and sounds delicious; orange, guava and passionfruit.
4. Go to DisneyQuest, located at Downtown Disney. It's an indoor interactive themepark which is included with your park admission, I'm just yet to visit it. 
5. Eat at the Rainforest Cafe, and buy another souvenir tshirt. I have one from each year we've been to Florida, and it's a tradition I don't want to stop. 
6. Go on the Buzz Lightyear ride. I've never ridden this one before, and I'm not sure why I haven't
7. Get henna at Animal Kingdom. Last year I got the prettiest henna on my hand, and I'd love to get something similar this year. 
8. Go on the Tower of Terror without screaming. I'm such a wuss, and this is something I'm yet to do. But I'm 17 now, I'm nearly an adult?!?!
9. Complete the Speedway successfully. It's fair to say the last attempt I had was abysmal, and my passenger, my Dad, wasn't too thrilled by my driving.
10. Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. I'm not entirely sure what this will entail, but I've seen it mentioned a few times and I'd love to have a go. 

Have you done any of the above?